I would like to share with you our Strategic Directions for 2021 and beyond, where we continue our long tradition of developing character in boys with a firm focus on wellbeing. These aspirational goals will guide all that we do, while enabling us to be flexible and innovative to changing circumstances and new opportunities.

Mr Gene Phair (’87), Chairperson of the Board

Our guiding statements

  • Vision

    Our Vision is to provide an inspirational education where each student strives to achieve their personal best and is willing to serve their community as an informed and active citizen.

  • Mission

    Hutchins is an Anglican school whose supportive learning community works together to nurture character of boys.

  • Values

    As a community, we aspire to be people of integrity who act with humility, kindness, courage and respect.

  • Faith

    A Christian life, as a response to Jesus Christ, is commended and encouraged at Hutchins. We express our Christian values in welcoming and respecting members of all faiths, beliefs and traditions.

  • Motto

    Vivit Post Funera Virtus – Character Lives on After Death. What you do matters.

Early Learning Centre students. Image: Joshua Lamont.

We value kindness, humility, courage and respect.

Our future actions will be focussed on the five strategic priorities of learning, wellbeing, sustainability, character and community.


Develop independent, lifelong learners well prepared for a changing global world.

To achieve this goal we will:

  • Enhance a whole school collegial culture of professional growth.
  • Advance and facilitate expertise in teaching with diverse pedagogies in an appropriate age and stage manner.
  • Prepare students for the future by embedding the general capabilities and cross curriculum priorities.
  • Ensure that improvements in student learning are evidence-based and data driven.
  • Develop practice in curriculum design and development to enable personalisation of learning.


Early Learning Centre student with teacher. Image: Joshua Lamont.

Nurture a safe, caring and inclusive community.

To achieve this goal we will:

  • Embed and empower personal and community capacity in wellbeing through supportive and inclusive evidence-based programs.
  • Promote, cultivate and enhance holistic health including mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing for all.
  • Nurture an inclusive community of care that values the uniqueness of each individual and builds authentic relationships amongst all members of the School community.
  • Foster a culture of honest, reflective and respectful communication.


We will be a community of environmental leaders.

To achieve this goal we will:

  • Work towards net carbon neutral emissions.
  • Develop and implement a sustainability framework.
  • Ensure that sustainability and ethical sourcing inform all decisions.
  • Commit to sustainability by ensuring it is embedded into our educational programs and practices.
  • Influence behavioural change and enhance accountability across our school community.


Parents and students at a Character Development Program gathering. Image: Angus Ashton.

Character is at the heart of everything we do.

To achieve this goal we will:

  • Embed the importance of character into all aspects of our school community.
  • Be recognised globally as a school that nurtures character.
  • Engage our school community as partners in nurturing character.
  • Deliver an intentional, comprehensive whole school Character Development Program.

Through challenge, boys gain a greater understanding of who they are and how they can contribute to the broader community.


Enhance and maintain an inclusive and welcoming community where all members are valued and belong.

To achieve this goal we will:

  • Strengthen a culture of gratitude and service in our community.
  • Embed service learning as an integral part of the whole school curriculum.
  • Sustain and enhance engagement with parents, carers, staff, alumni and the broader community.
  • Expand collaborative partnerships with external organisations that will extend and enrich student learning.
  • Promote an internationally-minded community by understanding and embracing diversity in all its forms.
  • Commit to actively work with Tasmanian First Nations to achieve reconciliation.
  • Advance and grow a culture of giving.

Hutchins has a strong culture of positivity among the boys, where kindness is a real strength of the community.

Mrs Caroline McCreary, Year 4 Teacher
Two happy Early Learning Centre students. Image: Joshua Lamont.

We believe that what you do matters.